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Consider When Taking Care Of A Racehorse

Posted in Racing Carnival

Horses are elegant and classy animals and it takes a lot than simply washing and feeding them to take care of them. Especially if they are racehorses, there are many things to consider when taking good care of the animal. Here are few things you need to consider when taking care of a racehorse.

ShoesIf you are a sole owner of a horse and you bought it responding to thoroughbred horses for sale advertisement at, you have plenty of things to consider when taking care of the animal you bought. Whether you bought it for the fun or hoping to make some money off of it, firth thing you need to know is that horses needs shoes too. Well there is not Christian Loboutine but they can still cost you more than that. Racehorses need new shoes every month. This is because they run on tracks and the shoes decays very easily. If you do not buy proper shoes for them, they can suffer and the speed they run will decrease. Also the animal can get their feet damages easily if the shoes are not replaced. So when taking care of them you need to worry more about their shoes. They can cost you around $300 to $500 depending on the type of shoes you get.

Vet billsOnce you buy a horse through thoroughbred horses for sale advert, you are solely responsible for the health of that animal. There are number of things you need to consider in a racehorse’s health. They need proper vaccination, vitamins, and care. Vet bills for the animal can be super high. Horses are very sensitive animals and they get sick for almost anything and that leaves them really weak. To take care of a horse you need to spend a good amount to keep them healthy. For example an antibiotic steroid for the animal will cost you around $70 per injection. So it is costly to own an animal.

Day rates and jockey feesThis is the amount you pay to train, feed and house the animals in the tracks. Before the races. They need to be fed properly so you can’t just pay a small amount and cut down on food. These animals are huge and they need a lot of food. So based on the size of the horse the amount paid for food can vary. But you need to know that this expense is involved when owning a horse. Also jockey is the person who rides the animal during the spring racing carnival Melbourne, visit this page. You have to technically pay them something around $100 to $120 per race. But if the horse wins you have to pay them a percentage of the winning as well.