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Get Back In Shape After Child Birth

Posted in Physical Fitness

You have gone through an ecstatic time after finding out you are carrying a bundle of joy, met with the best ob-gyn in the town, made plans with your partner and looked forward to the new arrival. Now it is all stable and you and the baby are settling down nicely at home. This is the time you are looking at yourself with awareness that your body badly needs exercise and getting “back to it”.

Move about and start working out

If you didn’t go through a natural birth, there would have been a c section done which needs some time to heal. But if you are already healed there is no reason why you can’t move around again. It hurts to work or lift stuff when the wounds are fresh; doctors advise you to take care within the first few weeks. It can go up to six weeks for a natural birth and a caesarian even more. However after that you can try something light to begin with such as yoga for beginners. There are separate “mom and baby yoga” classes but whether your baby likes it or not will depend upon what kind of a child he or she is. So the best method is for you to try to get back in shape with some light workout.

Eat healthy

It is well understood why you will be eating a lot when you have a new born at home. But you need to ensure that you take in healthy food. Say no to fatty foods and especially junk items. Try to choose high calcium food as this is needed during feeding periods such as now. You need to intake a lot of protein and vitamins but cut down on sugar. Keep food like yogurts, apples and nuts nearby, to consume when you feel hungry. You can talk to other moms and exchange ideas about taking this, different and at times difficult, period in a step-by-step fashion.

Breastfeed, but watch what you eat

Breastfeeding is found to be highly calorie burning at 500-700 calories per day. But you’d still have cravings and will be eating a lot too. So when you stop breastfeeding or when it starts to taper off you must remember to watch what you eat and to reduce it. If you keep taking in a lot of stuff in big amounts make sure to start and continue some sort of an exercise routine. Pilates Crows Nest is a good way for newborn baby mommies to lose weight and get back in shape. It is known as a method of “contrology” and is a way of exercising that contains flexibility movements of low impact, muscular strengthening and stamina activities. You will be tired most of the time and won’t have time for housework anymore. With time you can get used to a routine but don’t forget to add-in the “me” time to it. Take naps and rest, but also workout and ensure first and foremost that you are healthy.