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Health Risks Of Being Overweight

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Obesity causes many health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc. You need to know your BMI index to see if you are overweight. Along with that you need to pay attention to your waist size, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels to make sure you are safe from all above diseases. Consuming a balanced diet, taking a stroll every morning, climbing the stairs and other simple daily activities may help you avoid these conditions. So here is a detailed overview of such health risks of being obese.

1. Type 2 diabetes

This is a diabetic condition where your blood sugar levels are above normal. Diabetes is a major cause of kidney failure, heart disease and strokes. This can be genetic while other factors are poor diet, low activity level and obesity. Being overweight will change your hormones which then will face problems with insulin, which is the hormone that carries sugar to cells for energy. Daily workout program will help you prevent diabetes. Get a personal trainer if needed. 

2. High blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause heart disease, strokes etc. Being obese will cause you blood pressure to increase since your heart needs to pump blood to a vast area. Also, excess fat may create blockages in veins which then will build up pressure in them. You need to quit smoking, reduce salt and most importantly consume a healthy diet and workout. You better start searching for a boot camp Sydney CBD that you could be more active and lose some pounds.

3. Heart disease

Being obese will make your heart work more than what it can. This will wear it out fast which then will cause serious health problems such as heart attacks, chest pains, sudden deaths etc. Just as in high blood pressure, obesity causes blockages in valves and hence is at higher risk of heart attacks. This is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Regular exercise and controlling your diet can keep your heart fit and healthy.

4. Cancer

Cancer occurs when cells of a part of your body grow abnormally or out of control. The cancerous cell may spread to other important body parts too such as the liver, kidneys, heart or even the brain. Though it hasn’t been exactly identified how obesity affects the growth of cancer, it is widely believed that fat cells release hormones that encourage growth of cancer cells. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world and hence should be prevented as much as possible. Avoiding weight gain can prevent the risk of cancer.